I decided that I needed to find my father. I never met him and being almost 30 years old I felt that it was time.

I got word that he was living in the mountains and running a camp ground. I made my way to where he had settled in. The camp had various families around, fishing boats, hiking tours, etc. I went into the main office and heard a loud cheering. I walked through the back door to an underground tunnel. There were all sorts of people trying to get through the exit on the other side. I forced my way through and came out to find a huge pool the size of race track at the bottom of a hidden cave system in the mountain! People filled the stands that surrounded the pool. In the water was a bevy of WWE wrestlers all fighting each other…


…I can’t  remember the rest as this was hidden in my drafts from February 2017. I wish I knew how it ended. How would you end it?