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This is not a dream, just an inspired post.

Not everyone likes wine. I remember how much I wanted to drink before I finally was able to taste my first glass. In all honesty, I hated it. It was overpowering and left a foul taste for me to “enjoy” for a long time after. I was put off from drinking wine. I was, more or less, encouraged to try other vintages after being told the beauty of other types. Over time, the more I drank, the more I realized that I was the one changing, not the wine. I was adapting to the flavors. I grew to enjoy the taste of wine.

I’ve tasted many wines in my day. Some wine is soft, delicate and playful. Some varieties are bold, rich and full of passion. Some leave a bitter taste that persuades you to never drink from that bottle again. The harsh undertones make you salivate if only to wash the taste from your mouth. Some wine is sickly sweet; making your stomach turn from the potency. Wine can make a person feel exactly the way they need to. There is emotion in every glass. Sorrow or joy can grace your lips if only you believe it to be there. However, if you drink from every bottle you find without appreciating the tastes lying within, after a while, the more you drink, the more they start becoming dull and static; every glass mirroring the last.

Then, as if some miracle is bestowed upon you, you taste that one perfect wine. It mingles just enough cheerful sweetness with the right amount of deep-seeded lust. You are swept away to a place of pure ecstasy. The smoothness as it caresses your tongue makes your whole body stop to appreciate its’ pure flavors. Every sip takes you to places you’ve never traversed before. The aroma envelops you as you close your eyes and take it all in. You experience feelings of hope mixed with the overwhelming feeling of loss as you swallow each mouthful. Hope is found in the beauty you never thought possible. Loss stems from the knowledge that eventually all things come to an end. You feel jealousy that others may have also experienced this particular vintage. You want to share your bliss with the world all while keeping this perfect find to yourself. No words can express the flawless way this wine matches you exactly how you need it to. After each indulgence, you know that life is exactly how it is supposed to be. You have found spiritual enlightenment.

I don’t approve of locking up a premier vintage and letting it moulder in a dark cellar where no one is allowed to even look upon it. Some wine gets better over time, no doubt, but one can’t experience its’ true beauty by keeping it hidden. Let it out, let it breathe, let it blossom. That one wine may be the spiritual nirvana for someone. How will they know if they are blessed with a taste? Don’t let a beautiful thing go to waste.

Now, I have not had a good glass of wine in ages. Here’s to finding that perfect bottle and savoring every last drop.