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Antibiotics: That is the only excuse I can think of as to why my dreams were so strange last night. Among the stranger of the lot, this gem went as follows:

I arrived on campus the usual way. Walked from the bus stop, up the sidewalk toward the student union and into the food service area to get myself some lunch. To my astonishment our Subway had been replaced with Chicken Charlie’s! (If you have ever been to a Southern California fair, you know who Chicken Charlie is. If not, go to http://www.chickencharlies.com and be jealous). I ordered a pineapple bowl full of fried shrimp. I wanted to enjoy my delectable meal in the sun so I walked over to the grassy area by the library to sit. One of my students came to sit with me. He happily helped himself to my shrimp (which now I feel was rather rude but at the time I was happy to share). I leaned back in the grass; so happy to relax before work. Suddenly I felt someone’s lips upon mine. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Shrimp stealer! I pull back rather shocked. *blink blink* He leans over and, more aggressively, kisses me again. Ummm….*blink blink*. He then jumps up and yells, “WHAT AM I DOING? I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YOU’RE MY TUTOR! THIS IS SO WRONG!” and then proceeds to run away in a frenzy of notebook paper, grass clippings and shame. *blink blink*

I went back to my shrimp flattered but very confused.