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I am currently taking Vicodin for some severe pain I’ve been suffering for the past week. I have always noticed how my dreams will have more plot lines to them when I’m in the very deep sleep that Vicodin causes me to have. Thus, my swashbuckling adventure of woe was hatched.

I was at the beach. It was around noon. it was very pretty out as I watched the water crash on the rocks around me. There was an average amount of people around but just enough where my absence would go unnoticed. I walked to this area that had large boulders laying around. I was looking for shells and such when I climbed over to the other side of the boulders and found a hole about 4’x4′. I saw footprints going in and out of it and a dim light flickering from deep within. I grabbed my little shovel and crawled in. It seemed like I crawled forever. Finally the tunnel got wider and I crawled into this huge cavern. It was old and looked like it had been used for hundreds of years.
I looked around and saw stone stairs. There were candles burning along the wall. It was then when I noticed that I could hear moaning coming from above. I carefully climbed the stairs and peeked around the corner.

I looked into a rather large stone room. Around 15 to 20 people were chained against a wall. Pirates were gathered in the middle of the room as well as along the wall of prisoners. There were both male and female prisoners and both male and female pirates. The pirates were drunk. Some of the male pirates were raping the women prisoners while the male prisoners were being beaten and killed one by one.

My anger flared when I recognized some of the prisoners as friends of mine. I ran back down the stone stairs and grabbed the candles off the wall. I took off my shirt and tore the cotton apart and wadding the strips into balls. I covered each strip in rum I found in a barrel near the room. I sneaked back upstairs and, when they weren’t looking, started lighting the pieces of shirt on fire and throwing them at the pirates. I then rushed in and started hacking left and right with the shovel trying to push my way through the commotion.

Some of the pirates fled. Others I had to fight. I broke the chain that was holding all of the prisoners to the wall. The prisoners who were still able to walk fought back. I grabbed one of my friend’s hands and we started down the stairs. I didn’t know how to get out and he told me that he had been unconscious when they brought him to the cave so he didn’t know how to get out. A few pirates tried chasing us but we fought them off. In the melee, my friend got stabbed in the leg rendering him incapable of walking. I had to support him as we ran. Finally, we found the cave exit but it was full of water from high tide. He then told me that he couldn’t swim.

I grabbed his shoulders, told him to hold his breath and pulled him through the tunnel behind me. We swam and swam. We made it out and I pulled him limply to shore. He was unconscious and I kept trying to resuscitate him by giving CPR. I was crying and screaming for help. A lifeguard ran over with a defibrillator. Just as he yelled for everyone to stand clear so he could administer the jolt of electricity, I woke up.

I woke up with tears in my eyes and a rapid heartbeat. This physical response only occurs from time to time. But I care enough about my friends to know that my reaction was not out of the ordinary.

(On a small side note, I promise, in all of my posts, I won’t disclose names of those in my dreams. Those are for me to know. I may share that info with the person I dreamt about, but that is between us)