The Attempted Destruction of Hope

November 1st, 2016

“Very rarely do I wake up so emotionally traumatized by my dreams that I cry into my pillow for hours after I awaken. Unfortunately, this was the case as I awoke this morning. You may read this and feel as though there is a happy ending to it all. However, after contemplating the meaning of this dream I came to some interesting conclusions that illuminated parts of my mind/heart I didn’t know or didn’t want to acknowledge. Form your own ideas…

The sun was shining through the clouds that formed over the clear, but choppy ocean waters. I walked along the shore with a group of friends I had just seen the night before. We laughed, the few of my friends with significant others held hands; it was a relaxing afternoon to say the least. As I leaned down to brush sand off a particularly pretty rock, a breeze picked up. I looked up to see the water receding quickly. Everything came to a standstill around me. Beachcombers, children, we all looked up to see a gigantic tidal wave growing in the distance. As if an electric shock went through the crowd simultaneously, we all started running away from the water as fast as possible. The wave was too fast however and crashed over us. It picked me off my feet and slammed me into the stairs that were leading up from the beach toward the parking lots. I held on for dear life as bodies pushed past me and fingers tore at my clothes. My lungs ached from the strain of holding my breath. I was just about to relinquish myself to the sea when thankfully the waters receded.

The scene around me was silent chaos. Bodies were strewn among piles of unidentifiable debris. The air was painfully cold as it whipped through my wet hair. Then, in one chorus, screams began to rise up from the remaining lives around me. Cries of horror, pain, fear; all rang through my ears as the realization dawned on me that I needed to find my friends. I didn’t know if I was the only one left alive or not.

I ran through the wreckage around me. I found two friends face down in the sand, unresponsive. One was found floating in the shallows wounded so badly the end was close at hand. One of them had a boyfriend which I could not find. My best friend and her boyfriend were nowhere to be found. I worried that they had been carried out to sea but I knew in my heart that they were together. I looked for my other closest friend but couldn’t find him. I was running, flipping over bodies. Fear started taking hold of me. Was I the only one left?!

As I ran, calling out their names, a cold breeze hit me again. I froze in place, turned and saw yet another tidal wave forming on the horizon. I knew this one was going to be catastrophic and would destroy everything and everyone in its path. Knowing I had only a little time to escape this second onslaught, I ran up the remnants of the stairs leading to the parking lot. My feet carried me as fast as they could to the airport that was close by. Planes were on the tarmac loading any and all passengers they could in what little time they had. I threw myself onto the first plane I saw. The loading doors slammed shut behind me. I scanned the people crammed into the seats around me, looking for a familiar face. Alas, I found none. The engines roared to life and we were pushed into our seatbacks as the aircraft accelerated. I peered out the window to see planes screeching down the tarmac and ascending around me. I leaned closer to the glass and was able to get a glimpse of the wave behind us. It was gaining ground; swallowing up slower planes attempting to flee its path. The water was just brushing our tail wing as we drove into the air. The wave crested behind us and engulfed the remainder of the airport and surrounding area. We had made it.

The plane was filled with sobs. I glanced around. Pain and loss was mixed with relief and gratefulness. Tears were shed by all. All accept for me. I sat in stunned silence as I contemplated my situation. Everyone I knew, everyone I cared for, was dead. I was alone. I let myself be helped by the crew and people around me. I barely realized we were descending until I felt the tires hit ground once again. “We’ve just reached Toronto, Canada. All flights are being diverted here. Pray that your loved ones are waiting for you. We don’t know how many made it. God help us.”

I walked through the terminal scanning the faces around me yet again. The feeling of hopelessness grew in my gut. I had to make a new life for myself as the old one was now drowned along with my loved ones. I had to start anew. As I walked toward the bright light of the outside, I knew life would never be the same.

[Fast forward to 1-year later in my mind] I’m in San Francisco. My business suit is pressed, my shoes are polished and I’m ready to make this Business Fair happen. I’m set up in Hyde Park. Tables line the walkways with small businesses ready to reel in customers and advertise their services. I am fanning out some fliers when a breeze blows toward me from my right. I stiffen as fear grips my heart. I turn to the right, expecting the worse.

But I see no wave. Instead I see the silhouette of a man walking toward me from down the hill. Light from behind him makes it hard to make out his features but the shape of his face, the distinct walk, the hint of a smile all hit me like a freight train right in the gut. It’s him. He survived! One of the best friends I’ve ever had made it out of the horror. I ran up the hill and dove into his arms. “You’re alive! How!? I don’t care!” I sob. “You’re alive, that’s all that matters!” Tears stream down both our faces as we embrace. “We made it” he says as the scene slowly fades to white…”

I’ve never cried as hard after a dream as I did waking up from this one. My heart was heavy for weeks after this dream occurred. It took lots of introspection to make a decision as to why. I feel this dream holds meaning in my deep-seeded fear of growing older, growing apart, and eventually dying alone.

The friends in my dream are all real people. After the night I had prior to the dream, I had some mixed feelings about certain people in my friend group. Within the dream, some of those people died. I feel that I had decided there that those friendships weren’t worth hanging on to. Ultimately, I did end up severing ties with two of those friends a few months after –

Subconscious: Score 1

The other friends that I couldn’t find – I wasn’t worried for two of them. As we are all growing older, I knew that I didn’t need to be there as help for all the friends that needed it. They have others they can depend on and I need to learn how to accept that. As my psyche had it, my best friend eventually became engaged to said boyfriend from the dream –

Subconscious: Score 2

Lastly, the friend who came back – I believe this was a sign that everything will be okay in the end. I had to learn how to let go. It was scary, painful and horrifying at times. But I learned how and I succeeded regardless. When he came back, it meant that I will always have people in my life that care about me, love me, and want the best for me even if I never get to see them. It showed, too, that I don’t have to be there for everyone. They can survive without me holding their hands the whole way. People need to grow, including myself. Although we may grow apart, we will still survive.

This has been an ongoing theme in my life, 2 years after the initial dream. The friend who came back? He’s off being successful in another state all without me holding his hand and guiding him through life (although I do get the random phone call needing me to give a pep talk haha)

All in all, even through the storms of life, we will make it. I know we will.

I know I will.

My Father Does What?

I decided that I needed to find my father. I never met him and being almost 30 years old I felt that it was time.

I got word that he was living in the mountains and running a camp ground. I made my way to where he had settled in. The camp had various families around, fishing boats, hiking tours, etc. I went into the main office and heard a loud cheering. I walked through the back door to an underground tunnel. There were all sorts of people trying to get through the exit on the other side. I forced my way through and came out to find a huge pool the size of race track at the bottom of a hidden cave system in the mountain! People filled the stands that surrounded the pool. In the water was a bevy of WWE wrestlers all fighting each other…


…I can’t  remember the rest as this was hidden in my drafts from February 2017. I wish I knew how it ended. How would you end it?

Till Death do us Part

I’d finally done it. I was engaged. Not only was I set to be married in 3 hours but I was marrying one of my very best friends. I couldn’t have been happier. The sun was shining through the leaves of the banyan trees as a light breeze blew my hair gently off my shoulders. “Hawaii is a lovely place to have a wedding,” I thought as I looked around. I was standing outside an elementary school with my soon-to-be husband, watching as the numerous children filed out toward the parking lot heading home.

“Are you nervous? Excited?” he asked me.

“A little bit of both,” I chuckled. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I know a lot about a lot of things, but this is something new for me.” I timidly grabbed both of his hands in mine and nudged a rock with my foot, avoiding eye-contact.

He nodded, acknowledging what I can only assume was a feeling similar to mine. “Yeah. well, I guess I better go get ready.” He turned to leave.

Smiling, I pulled him toward me, kissed him and said, “See you at the alter.” He laughed and with a heavy sigh, I watched as he walked toward his car. God help me, I loved that man.

I made my way across the street to where my family was sitting, waiting in a very long line to get into, what seemed like a concert of sorts. My mother, aunt, uncle, and two of my cousins greeted me with hugs and exclamations of joy and congratulations. While we talked, a police officer proceeded to interrogate my one cousin, as he had brought illegal anime onto the premises that was not age appropriate for elementary school-aged children. He was promptly arrested while my mother asked me about my plans for the day.

“You have 3 hours till the wedding. You should probably get ready,” she reminded me. She hugged me tight and her burgundy lipstick rubbed off onto the shoulder of my dress.”Oh my goodness, I’ve ruined your wedding dress! I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t even worry about it Ma, it blends into the dress perfectly!” Luckily my wedding dress was burgundy around the shoulders which transitioned to a burnt orange then to yellow as it progressed down my body. My shoulders were covered in small crystals and winked in the sunlight. I rubbed my shoulder where my mother’s lipstick was and it seemed to disappear into the fabric. “See, all better.” As I walked toward the parking lot I suddenly realized I didn’t know where the wedding venue was. Panicked, I flagged down a passing vehicle. The Jeep Rubicon pulled over and I hopped in.

“Where you headed young lady?” Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, asked.

“I need to get to my wedding,”  I stammered. “Please, hurry. I’m getting married in 3 hours.”

He pulled onto the highway and we headed north. He took an off-ramp that lead to a mountain road. Our tires dug into the dirt as we got higher along the mountain’s edge. As we crested the top, gnomes (also known as minnahoonies in Hawaii) started jumping out of the bushes in front of our car and proceeded to flash us with their exposed gnome-parts. Mike was not having it so he gunned the engine and began hitting them with the front tires of the Jeep. I yelled for him to stop the car and I jumped out. I ran to see if they were alright but they were being pulled into the brush by fellow gnomes. I followed them to a small den built into the side of a hill. It was covered in roots as a tree grew out of the side, concealing the small staircase leading downward. Mushrooms and vines nearly hid the door of the house from view. If I had not followed the gnomes, I would never have seen it as it was hidden so well. I ducked into the doorway. Large glassy eyes looked up at me from all around the dimly lit room. Small fires burned in alcoves along the rounded walls. Wordlessly they pointed me toward a back doorway.

I slowly walked down the earthen hallway. Doors hidden in shadow lined the walls. I warily passed each as I was drawn deeper into the blackness. A soft blue light emanated from beneath a door at the end of the hall. The door, covered in vines, opened independently as I reached it. I crouched, entered the room and took in my surroundings. An orange flame glowed within a sconce on the far side of the small space. To my right, I turned to see a large tank of water embedded in the wall, floor to ceiling. I pushed some hanging roots away from the front and peered inside. Something slithered deep in the murky blue; tentacles brushed the glass as the creature swam by. I moved closer to the glass and as I stared deeper into the water, I didn’t notice the flame behind me dimming. I didn’t see as a gnome, who had followed me in the room, backed away toward the doorway. A slam of the door drew my attention and I whipped my head around to see the flame abruptly blow out. I heard the door lock as I glanced back at the glowing tank. The creature, which had not made its presence fully known, swam up to the glass and turned its head to face me. Our eyes locked and I beheld a Xenomorph, an alien I’d thought was mere movie magic. It slammed itself into the glass. Cracks spider-webbed across the face of the tank. I turned to run as the glass shattered. Just as I reached the door, my body was slammed to the ground. I knew in that moment that I was not there by accident. I was lured there. I had followed those gnomes down to my death. What had I done?

My last thoughts, as claws dug into my bejeweled shoulder, were not those of fear. They were thoughts of remorse. What was to be the start of my bliss-filled future led to the end of my life.

It would have been a beautiful wedding.

Workout Meltdown


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Although my posts are primarily dream-related, I need to talk about something that has been eating away at me and culminated today.

When posting things on Facebook I’m likely to get much support, words of encouragement and lots of “hang in theres”. I have many people who are great at letting me know how wonderful they think I am and what an inspiration I am to them. I honestly don’t feel it though. It is one thing to support someone on social media. It is another thing to really empathize with someone, hold them as they let their feelings pour out of their heart onto your shoulder, and feel with them. Words of encouragement do little to get through to me unfortunately. I have started to feel even more alone in my journey through my depression, self-analysis and self-change.

I am currently working on losing 215lbs by July 2017. I was at 415lbs around Halloween and decided that it was time for a change. It is a slow, painful process that I am monotonously attempting to do. This morning I was at the gym with my workout buddy. She was off doing yoga while I eyed the shoulder press machine. As I sat down, I had to squeeze to fit. The machine was too tight and my hips hung over the edges of the seat. I leaned over to change the weight setting and the seat slammed down to the lowest setting because I was too heavy for it. I glanced around nervously hoping no one saw what happened. If they did, no one made eye contact with me. I set the machine it on one of the lightest settings and started pushing. I bit my lip struggling to do more than 10 reps at a time. The more I pushed the more I started realizing that I was getting a lump in my throat. I pushed and pushed as tears started welling up in my eyes. 40 reps in I had tears streaming down my face. I got up, cleaned off the machine and hurried into the locker room. Shielding my face, I grabbed my bag from the locker and hid in one of the dressing rooms. I sat there bawling into my towel for 10 minutes before gathering my self together and changing for work. I dried my eyes, brushed my hair and went out to meet my friend. She could tell something was wrong but I couldn’t talk about it for fear of breaking down again. “I’m just tired and need coffee” is my go-to answer. A true statement, but not a wholly complete excuse.

This journey feels impossible. I purposely set a goal that is attainable in 2 years. I am down 56lbs since Halloween. To lose the rest by 2017 I only have to lose 6-7lbs per month. That is very do-able. However I feel like I’m staring out at the Grand Canyon being told I need to make it to the other side. “We know you can do it!” is a lovely sentiment but I have no one who has made that journey before or who can make that journey with me now. I am alone in this. This is one of the scariest and hardest things I have ever done. I feel weak, helpless and lost. Quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. seem easier than quitting being fat. I am not downplaying the struggles of those suffering from addiction. I have seen how hard it is for people and I truly empathize. When quitting said substances, however, you can seclude yourself from those substances. You can go to rehab and make it a life choice to avoid situations where you could be influenced into going back to your old ways. You can’t quit food. You can change what you eat but you cannot avoid eating. You can’t go to a place where you won’t have temptation around. You can’t go “cold turkey” on cold turkey. A girl’s gotta eat.

I don’t want sympathy. I don’t want words of encouragement. I want faith in myself. I want to believe that I am capable of doing this. I want to not be ashamed of who I am anymore. I know it will only come with time and dedication but right now I’m staring at a frightening future and I am being crushed with self-doubt. The only thing I can do is keep doing what I’m doing and wait for results. I am on this journey alone with scores of supporters. All their support is only worth what I can believe from myself.

One day at a time.

Neon Shorts


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“Teach me how to kiss,” he said as he sat upon my couch. “Alright. Um, well, show me how you normally would kiss someone.” Needless to say, it was not up to par with what a conventional kiss would consist of. “Okay. This is what you need to know:

1. No fish lips. We are not walleyed bass nor are we Pac-Man here

2. Don’t be overly aggressive but don’t be made of marble either. A kiss should be sweet, soft, and enjoyable. Do not attack her mouth like you’re bobbing for apples. Let her come to you if you don’t know what type of kiss she wants. The way she kisses you will tell you what she wants.

3. Tongues are not necessary. Remember though, tongues take practice. Don’t assume that she is alright with it and just go for it. Ease into it if you are so inclined. Keep it to short increments during a make-out sesh though.  Don’t try to tickle her tonsils. Keep the bobbing for apples image in your mind’s eye. Your mouth should not be 100% open. This is not the dentist’s office.

4. Moist lips are nice, just don’t, don’t, DON’T slobber all over her!!! SWALLOW BEFORE YOU KISS PLEASE!!! Ick. And take out your gum. No one wants to be in a sweet amazing moment of passion and choke on Juicy Fruit.”

As I was teaching him the ins and outs of proper regular and french osculation -aka kissing- (which he picked up quite quickly I might add), my mother walked in. She started yelling about how I am a slacker and never make egg sandwiches. She threw a pre-made sandwich at me and told me to warm it up for her. I was offended at the rude interruption and briefly introduced my “student” to my mom as I stormed into the kitchen to warm up her food. When I returned to the living room I found my friend changing clothes. My mother was trying to give him a bra and blouse. I was mortified. I shooed her back to her room. My friend had decided to put on a pair of neon orange shorts reminiscent of a 70s basketball team. He was so happy at his “fantastic” find. I couldn’t tell him how incredibly wrong they looked on him. I simply smiled and escorted him out of my apartment complex. As I walked out the gate I stopped. To my astonishment there were thousands of bananas strewn about the lawn! Oh happy day! I knelt down…

Then I woke up to my stomach growling and the smell of French Toast being made in my kitchen. I can explain everything except the neon shorts…that is strange…

The Wine of Life


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This is not a dream, just an inspired post.

Not everyone likes wine. I remember how much I wanted to drink before I finally was able to taste my first glass. In all honesty, I hated it. It was overpowering and left a foul taste for me to “enjoy” for a long time after. I was put off from drinking wine. I was, more or less, encouraged to try other vintages after being told the beauty of other types. Over time, the more I drank, the more I realized that I was the one changing, not the wine. I was adapting to the flavors. I grew to enjoy the taste of wine.

I’ve tasted many wines in my day. Some wine is soft, delicate and playful. Some varieties are bold, rich and full of passion. Some leave a bitter taste that persuades you to never drink from that bottle again. The harsh undertones make you salivate if only to wash the taste from your mouth. Some wine is sickly sweet; making your stomach turn from the potency. Wine can make a person feel exactly the way they need to. There is emotion in every glass. Sorrow or joy can grace your lips if only you believe it to be there. However, if you drink from every bottle you find without appreciating the tastes lying within, after a while, the more you drink, the more they start becoming dull and static; every glass mirroring the last.

Then, as if some miracle is bestowed upon you, you taste that one perfect wine. It mingles just enough cheerful sweetness with the right amount of deep-seeded lust. You are swept away to a place of pure ecstasy. The smoothness as it caresses your tongue makes your whole body stop to appreciate its’ pure flavors. Every sip takes you to places you’ve never traversed before. The aroma envelops you as you close your eyes and take it all in. You experience feelings of hope mixed with the overwhelming feeling of loss as you swallow each mouthful. Hope is found in the beauty you never thought possible. Loss stems from the knowledge that eventually all things come to an end. You feel jealousy that others may have also experienced this particular vintage. You want to share your bliss with the world all while keeping this perfect find to yourself. No words can express the flawless way this wine matches you exactly how you need it to. After each indulgence, you know that life is exactly how it is supposed to be. You have found spiritual enlightenment.

I don’t approve of locking up a premier vintage and letting it moulder in a dark cellar where no one is allowed to even look upon it. Some wine gets better over time, no doubt, but one can’t experience its’ true beauty by keeping it hidden. Let it out, let it breathe, let it blossom. That one wine may be the spiritual nirvana for someone. How will they know if they are blessed with a taste? Don’t let a beautiful thing go to waste.

Now, I have not had a good glass of wine in ages. Here’s to finding that perfect bottle and savoring every last drop.


GT-Excelsior 3R400


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The dual suns rose over the barren wasteland of the deserted planet. The already dry mudflats cracked further under the sudden heat cast upon them. Our ship, the Galactic Transport Excelsior model 3R400, touched down in a flurry of sand and charred weeds. The colonists, whom we were assigned to bring to this harsh environment, disembarked. Our captain stayed aboard to run diagnostics as the lieutenant and I assisted passengers as they removed their belongings outside the cargo bay.

From the ship, we lead the group to their designated yurts centralized near a large base station. The station was covered with corrugated metal. Power was run by vast solar panel fields that absorbed, not only rays from the pair of suns, but from their reflections off the base station walls as well. Everyone parted ways as they went to settle into their new homes. As I watched them walk away I heard a siren sound behind me and turned to see the lieutenant running back to the ship. I took off after him. I reached the bridge where I found the captain and engineer receiving orders from a hologram. The 3D image projected was that of the commander of the space station orbiting around the planet above our heads. He was ordering our ship to send our head engineer and computer technician up to him immediately. Their core was in a state of meltdown due to the influx of solar radiation not properly compensated for. A double solar flare had reached the station and fried the solar sensors located on the outer shell of the station. The commander was ordering our lead engineer and me to beam to the station right then.

The engineer and I donned our space suits and beamed up. The engineer stayed in the reactor room as I went outside the ship to check the equipment. I floated around the outer hull. I reached the solar sensors and, to my dismay, found that they were melted together in a blob of wires and metal. Right then, the core blew up in a white light that radiated from all around me. I was thrust violently from the ship. I grabbed hold of a satellite as I flew backwards. The shock wave from the implosion of the station’s core pushed me into the atmosphere of the planet. I watched as heat built up around me. I saw the metal of my satellite start to turn red hot as we plummeted. I used what force I had to push away from the melting projectile to try and push myself back out of the atmosphere. The shock wave was too intense. I radioed to the base station to beam me down before I burned up upon further entry. The captain received my message just in time and I was safely brought to the surface. I landed about 200 yards from our ship.

Before I was able to remove my helmet, I noticed an unusual amount of heat haze rising from the ground. The shimmer grew in size. I looked up and saw the atmosphere disintegrating before my eyes. The reactor core had shot radiation toward the planet causing the layers of protection from the dual suns to rip apart. I knew that, if the settlers were not brought to the base station, they would be roasted alive under the intense heat of the two suns. I started to run toward the base station. My boots became a hindrance and I could see the rubber of my soles melting as I stepped. The lieutenant ran from the ship toward the base station. I watched as his skin began to bubble. A distinct *pop* and *sizzle* met my ears. As quickly as his attempt at salvation began, it soon ended as he fell to the ground. His hair curled and fizzled away. His skin melted off his body and nothing more than a red, oozing form was left by the time I reached his corpse. I started toward the base station door but stopped. I watched the glass of my helmet warp as the shock wave from the core implosion hit the surface. I knew I would not make it to the door in time. I closed my eyes and waited for the end.


My dreams can be epic. It is hard for me to truly get them down when I dream them. However, if I can put them down before falling back into the world of my subconscious’ imagination, then you, dear readers, are in for adventure.

Fried Shrimp and Kissing Students


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Antibiotics: That is the only excuse I can think of as to why my dreams were so strange last night. Among the stranger of the lot, this gem went as follows:

I arrived on campus the usual way. Walked from the bus stop, up the sidewalk toward the student union and into the food service area to get myself some lunch. To my astonishment our Subway had been replaced with Chicken Charlie’s! (If you have ever been to a Southern California fair, you know who Chicken Charlie is. If not, go to and be jealous). I ordered a pineapple bowl full of fried shrimp. I wanted to enjoy my delectable meal in the sun so I walked over to the grassy area by the library to sit. One of my students came to sit with me. He happily helped himself to my shrimp (which now I feel was rather rude but at the time I was happy to share). I leaned back in the grass; so happy to relax before work. Suddenly I felt someone’s lips upon mine. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Shrimp stealer! I pull back rather shocked. *blink blink* He leans over and, more aggressively, kisses me again. Ummm….*blink blink*. He then jumps up and yells, “WHAT AM I DOING? I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YOU’RE MY TUTOR! THIS IS SO WRONG!” and then proceeds to run away in a frenzy of notebook paper, grass clippings and shame. *blink blink*

I went back to my shrimp flattered but very confused.


Top 10 Evil Characters from your Childhood


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I must be reading Buzzfeed too much due to last night’s dream.

I was sitting watching television. A show started titled “Top 10 Evil Characters from your Childhood”.

#10. Big Brother – I’m not sure which cartoon this must have been from but it was some sort of Anime. Black hair, crazy eyes, look of “I’m going to kill you in your sleep if you touch my comic books one more time”.

#9. Emperor Zurg’s battle Reptar – Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember Evil Emperor Zurg (Toy Story) having 1. a battle dinosaur or 2. it being Reptar (Rugrats). Nevertheless, he was evil, mean and made number #9 on my list.

#8. King Black Ops of Destruction and Doom – Quite the name for a GI Joe type master of Kung Fu and stealth. He was big, black, and mean looking. However, due to his massive size and cumbersome equipment, he only made #8. He would be easy to take if you were small and wiry.

#7. Death Bee – Now sh** starts to get real. Death Bee is a gigantic bee reminiscent of the good ‘ol Donkey Kong Country days. She is the size of a pickup truck. Lasers shoot from her many eyes and her stinger will gouge your soul. Beware the Death Bee…

This is where the dream starts to get fuzzy…I think my brain overloaded on evil because I turned from the TV to find a male stripper on my couch (gorgeous I might add). I freaked out because I didn’t want my mom to find him there naked. I heard Gandalf scream, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” and woke with a start. I had fallen asleep watching Lord of the Rings.

Needless to say, I wonder what #6 through #1 were…

Vicodin Pirates


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I am currently taking Vicodin for some severe pain I’ve been suffering for the past week. I have always noticed how my dreams will have more plot lines to them when I’m in the very deep sleep that Vicodin causes me to have. Thus, my swashbuckling adventure of woe was hatched.

I was at the beach. It was around noon. it was very pretty out as I watched the water crash on the rocks around me. There was an average amount of people around but just enough where my absence would go unnoticed. I walked to this area that had large boulders laying around. I was looking for shells and such when I climbed over to the other side of the boulders and found a hole about 4’x4′. I saw footprints going in and out of it and a dim light flickering from deep within. I grabbed my little shovel and crawled in. It seemed like I crawled forever. Finally the tunnel got wider and I crawled into this huge cavern. It was old and looked like it had been used for hundreds of years.
I looked around and saw stone stairs. There were candles burning along the wall. It was then when I noticed that I could hear moaning coming from above. I carefully climbed the stairs and peeked around the corner.

I looked into a rather large stone room. Around 15 to 20 people were chained against a wall. Pirates were gathered in the middle of the room as well as along the wall of prisoners. There were both male and female prisoners and both male and female pirates. The pirates were drunk. Some of the male pirates were raping the women prisoners while the male prisoners were being beaten and killed one by one.

My anger flared when I recognized some of the prisoners as friends of mine. I ran back down the stone stairs and grabbed the candles off the wall. I took off my shirt and tore the cotton apart and wadding the strips into balls. I covered each strip in rum I found in a barrel near the room. I sneaked back upstairs and, when they weren’t looking, started lighting the pieces of shirt on fire and throwing them at the pirates. I then rushed in and started hacking left and right with the shovel trying to push my way through the commotion.

Some of the pirates fled. Others I had to fight. I broke the chain that was holding all of the prisoners to the wall. The prisoners who were still able to walk fought back. I grabbed one of my friend’s hands and we started down the stairs. I didn’t know how to get out and he told me that he had been unconscious when they brought him to the cave so he didn’t know how to get out. A few pirates tried chasing us but we fought them off. In the melee, my friend got stabbed in the leg rendering him incapable of walking. I had to support him as we ran. Finally, we found the cave exit but it was full of water from high tide. He then told me that he couldn’t swim.

I grabbed his shoulders, told him to hold his breath and pulled him through the tunnel behind me. We swam and swam. We made it out and I pulled him limply to shore. He was unconscious and I kept trying to resuscitate him by giving CPR. I was crying and screaming for help. A lifeguard ran over with a defibrillator. Just as he yelled for everyone to stand clear so he could administer the jolt of electricity, I woke up.

I woke up with tears in my eyes and a rapid heartbeat. This physical response only occurs from time to time. But I care enough about my friends to know that my reaction was not out of the ordinary.

(On a small side note, I promise, in all of my posts, I won’t disclose names of those in my dreams. Those are for me to know. I may share that info with the person I dreamt about, but that is between us)